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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  October 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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area bridge into think about leaving a bit early for work this morning if you're heading westbound to the peninsula. the problem that's expected to turn a bay area bridge into a parking lot. looking good now though. fire damages a south bay elementary school. reports of two arrests. it is 6:00 now. good morning to you. it's thursday october 14th. i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm sydnie kohara. good morning everyone. your time is 6:00. a crack has closed a lane on the san mateo bridge. elizabeth tells us how the morning commute is shaping up now. good morning. chopper 5 showing traffic is moving across the bridge. the good news is for right now at 6:00 traffic is moving along okay even despite the one lane being closed. it's on the flat section of westbound 92 right before the high-rise. crews are out there now. they've been doing the emergency repair work since last night when they discovered a crack on one of the steel
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beams that supports the bridge. may be as late as tomorrow afternoon when they're going to get that bridge reopened. expect delays in the morning commute give it another half hour or 45 minutes and you may want to consider the don barton, bay bridge or bart as good at that is. bart is running on time by the way. we have a reporter standing by live near the san mateo bridge checking in on the emergency repair project. hey, linda, how's it going so far? >> reporter: hi, elizabeth. as you said traffic is moving pretty good. probably another hour or so. see it picked up a little bit. as you said they did discover this ten inch crack on a steel beam underneath the far right lane of the bridge. they found this yesterday afternoon during a routine inspection. i am now with the public information specialist with cal tran. how dangerous was this crack? >> well, hard to say. there's no eminent danger but it is an important component of
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the bridge. obviously there are no unimportant parts of the bridge. so when you find a crack in a piece like this you do have to take immediate action. >> reporter: obviously emergency repairs. and you did say there's hope they'll have it done by the afternoon commute. >> we're shooting for that. we're looking at finishing up by early afternoon. >> reporter: okay. we also have the same problem with the bay bridge last year and there were some emergency repairs. are they the same type of cracks in. >> not really. we're talking apples and oranges. two very different components of two very different bridges. >> reporter: okay. but otherwise you're not rushing this. i don't know if rushing it on the bay bridge had anything to do with it because of the traffic back ups that were expected. >> right. nothing rushing. we're doing this as quickly as possible. we were out there yesterday getting the measurements we needed so we could fabricate the steel plates part of the fix. we're moving quickly but not hurrying. >> reporter: thank you very much. cal trans thank you for being with us this morning. hopefully we'll get that traffic moving smoothly by the
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afternoon's commute. back to you. >> all right. linda, thank you. elizabeth as well. people are heeding the warnings. it is 6:03. in just a few hours a deeper investigation into the san bruno explosion will begin. the state will announce members of an independent review panel. they'll make recommendations on whether there's a need for pg&e to improve gas transmission lines to make them safer. this morning we have a better idea now into what caused that explosion. a preliminary ntsb reports cites a power malfunction just minutes before the pipeline blew. an electronic signal went out causing a partially opened valve on the pipe to fully open. the blast killed eight people and destroyed nearly 40 homes. there appears to be a break in a high profile arson investigation. the destructive fire at san jose's trace elementary school. mark is in san jose where there are reports of two arrests in the case. good morning to you, mark. >> reporter: good morning,
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juliette. evidence of this fire here at trace elementary school still plainly obvious. you can see the pillar from the burned building which still remains standing. let's take you back to july fifth now. this was the video from the scene. later this morning the san jose fire department will be holding a news conference to release the findings of a three month investigation. the san jose mercury news this morning is reporting that the police department has arrested two teenagers who they believe ignited this fire that gutted the school. it is not known if those teens have any connection to the school. now since the fire, many trace students have been taking classes in portables and also at hoover middle school across the street. that fire caused about $10 million in damage here at trace elementary school. again, later this morning at a news conference we are expecting news of possibly two teenagers under arrest in connection with this suspected arson case. live in san jose, cbs 5. >> mark, thank you. it's 6:04. in san jose today california gasoline marketers will ask for
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a temporary stay on an order to remove the latches that allow drivers to pump gas hands free. in august the state fire marshal ordered the latches on those nozzles removed. that's after more than a dozen customers were sprayed with gasoline. replacing all the nozzles in the state would cost an estimated $10.5 million. 6:05. let's get another check of weather and traffic. elizabeth, we are watching the san mateo bridge and with good reason. >> we are watching it. it's because of a crack discovered from cal tran inspection crews yesterday afternoon. there's been a traffic alert ever since. they had to block off the slow lane, the far right lane, on the flat section of westbound 92. this is the commute direction this morning. it's right before the high- rise. you can see for right now traffic looks great. so far nice and light heading towards foster city and the peninsula. our reporter was just there on scene. you may have heard she just talked to a spokesperson.
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they're hoping to get the lane reopened and crack repaired by this afternoon. they were earlier saying tomorrow afternoon. so that would be great for the evening commute and for tomorrow morning's commute as well. let's go out and show you some alternates. give it another half hour or hour or so. that lane is going to be to become really important on that bridge. right now okay. but bart will be a great idea. you can avoid the roads all together. all the trains are on time. don barton looks great heading towards men lo park. at the bay bridge no delays and no metering lights. that is your traffic. let's get a check of your forecast. here's lawrence. yeah. i say slow it down today and enjoy the weather. not going to see many more days like this this year. high pressure over head and temperatures staying toasty inland. more records yesterday. outside right now 50s and 60s. few high clouds moving across our skies. patchy fog toward the coastline. that's a sign of things to come. we have cooler weather on the way. if you're headed around the bay area today it's still going to
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be hot in spots. 80s and low 90s inland. inside the bay looking at 70s and 8 0z. little bit of a sea breeze in the afternoon. that sea breeze will carry low clouds and fog towards the coastline. much cooler temperatures in the works coming up. we'll talk about that and the weekend forecast. it's going to be entirely different in the next two days. that's it from here. back to you. all right. lawrence, thanks very much. 6:07. a golfer in the bay area creating a controversy within the lpga tour this morning. >> it's not about my size or my pass, it's about my golfing ability. >> the decision she made five years ago that could impact the future of professional golf. how many people have been here more than an hour? two hours? how many people have been here more than three hours? >> stalled at the dmv. why some drivers are waiting in line for hours only to be turned away.
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in the air. today, the san good morning. we've heard this before. a crack discovered on a bay area bridge. this time it's the san mateo bridge. and crews have one lane blocked off on westbound 92 to do some emergency repair work on it. we will tell you how traffic is moving right now as well as some alternates all coming up in traffic in six minutes.
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elizabeth, thank you. 6:10 now. playoff fever is in the air today. giants leave for philadelphia. game one of the national league championship series is saturday. tim will take the mound against roy halday. this could be a tough match up. both teams played each other during the regular season six times, each team winning three of those games. one bay area woman who was born a man vows to shut down the lpga tour. that's because new rules say golfers have to be born female. she had a sex change four years ago. now she's suing the lpga and three other groups for her right to play. >> take estrogen and your muscles atrophy. you're not the same person. that's the urban legend that people think the same person
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physically. you're not. >> the lpga is holding its challenge tournament at black hawk country club today. but she cannot take part in it. an lpga spokesperson told cbs 5 they haven't seen the lawsuit and they have no comment at this time. sarah palin will be in san jose this afternoon. she's scheduled to speak and answer questions at the san jose center for the performing arts. this visit is organized by the conservative liberty and freedom foundation. the group says it is not affiliated with the conservative tea party movement. new technology at the dmv is making an old problem a lot worse. wait times. we stopped by one office in san francisco where people say they spend much of the day waiting even if they schedule an appointment. the dmv says the roll out of new software to make those new california driver's licenses is to blame. back up in paperwork because of furlough fridays also adds to those crowds. but good news, the final furlough day is this month.
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some of today's top stories... good morning. our one traffic hot spot is definitely the san mateo bridge. the far right lane is blocked off on westbound 92 in the commute direction as you approach the high-rise. crews found a big crack in a steel beam yesterday. so a traffic alert issued ever since. they're out doing emergency repairs now. they're hoping this afternoon they can get the lane reopened. in the meantime could cause a big mess in the morning commute. so far so good. we're still holding steady about a 15 minute drive time hayward toward foster city. we've been telling you about alternates because maybe close to half an hour we could start to see delays. talk about the bay bridge. so far so good here. still no metering lights. delays already approaching the toll plaza. so the metering lights will likely be turned on any minute. if you're coming down the east shore freeway westbound 80 is 19 minutes to the maze. don't use highway 92 avoid the san mateo bridge altogether 84 looks great. nice close nearby neighbor
6:17 am
bridge. westbound 84 looks great. speeds about 55 miles per hour as you get closer to the peninsula. checking the ride other areas westbound 580 the commute is definitely underway here if you're coming out of the at month pass. 18 minute asks your drive westbound 580 begins to slow around grant line all the way to about north greenville. few brake lights once you get closer to the dublin interchange. from there we'll take a check of the marin county commute. golden gate bridge traffic exceptionally light. really no delay there. drive along the peninsula you're fine. a quick check of the south bay coming through downtown san jose you can see the northbound lanes of 280. all in the green. nice and light this morning. and mass transit we've been calling on this as well because bart will be a great alternative for the san mateo bridge. everything is reporting. no delay. remember our radio partners
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kcbs to get the traffic updates. that's your traffic for your forecast. beautiful around the area. last few days sunshine. heat like we haven't seen pretty much all summer long. get all in the bay area. mostly clear skies. we have a couple patches of fog developing near the coastline. cooler weather is in the works as early today at least in parts of the bay area. now this afternoon it's still going to be hot in spots. you've got some 80s and low 90s showing up inland. inside the bay note cooler temperatures little sea breeze developing. plenty of sunshine towards the coastline couple patches of fog. noticeably cooler yesterday again cooler today. the cool down is going to spread day by day as we see more low clouds and fog. still trying to surge up along the coastline couple high clouds off here going to spread across our skies for today as well. other than that sneak in lots of sunshine. temperatures on the toasty side away from the water's edge.
6:19 am
87 palo alto. beaches 60s and some 7 0z. well inland it's still going to be hot. antioch at 90. 91 livermore. 90 concord. and about 89 pleasanton. inside the bay more of a sea breeze. 79 into berkeley. north bay temperatures going to be running on the hot side inland. 91 santa rosa. next couple days temperatures start to come down even more so as low clouds and fog spread on shore. weekend looking partly cloudy sunday into monday as the weekend disturbance makes its way through the bay area. heat things back up a little as we head in towards tuesday and wednesday of next week. we have the oktoberfest this saturday in concord. should be mostly sunny and mild there. a lot of festivities around the bay area this time of year. some pretty comfortable temperatures too. high expected there of about 75 degrees. that's the forecast. back to you. thanks, lawrence. look at top stories today
6:20 am
arrests could be announced as soon as this morning in the destructive fire at san jose's trace elementary school. sources telling the mercury news two teens are suspected of setting the fire last july. the fire department has scheduled a news conference for 10:00 this morning. police searching for a man who tried to kidnap a little girl from her mother. he is in his late 20s or early 30s about 5'8" or 9. police say the man followed the woman and her child then tried to grab the child. the mom fought him off and he got away. drivers may be able to pump gas hands free for a little while longer. today california gasoline marketers will ask for a temporary stay on an order to remove latches used to prop open gas pump nozzles. a state fire marshal issued the order after customers complained of being sprayed with gasoline. a new security device could allow airline passengers to bring water, soft drinks and
6:21 am
full size shampoo bottles on planes once again. scientists in new mexico showing off this contraption yesterday. researchers say the scanner can detect unsafe liquids such as homemade explosives even through bottles and aluminum cans. the device is so sensitive it can detect the difference between red and white wine and different kinds of soda. right now passengers can bring no more than three ounces of liquid through security. the rescue is over in chile. the health evaluations begin for the rescued miners. the foreman who held the group together when the men were feared dead was the last one out. that was about 6:00 our time last night. 33 miners spent more than two monthings underground and all incredibly are in good shape aside from one having pneumonia. the government promised to take care of those miners until each
6:22 am
one has readjusted physically and mentally. and hundreds of union city high school students have to be tested for tuberculosis. someone a james loga high school tested positive for the disease. it's not clear if the patient was a student. but that person is no longer on campus. 500 students will be tested next week. all right. 6:22. many shoppers feeling a little pressured at the grocery store these days. >> a dollar for breast chance snore. >> a dollar for breast cancer? >> yes. >> the practice of embedded giving. the negative effect it could be having on donations. better ,,,,
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good morning. you'll want to take the coffee to go if you're heading across the san mateo bridge where there's emergency repair work and they have the right lane blocked on westbound 92 right before the high-rise. we'll have details on what happened and take a look at your alternates. we have traffic in six minutes. slowing down. thanks for the update. it's 6:25. you often hear it at the check out counter, the cashier asking if you want to donate to a charity while you're paying your grocery bill. >> would you like to donate a dollar for breast cancer? >> a dollar for breast cancer?
6:26 am
>> yes. >> it's called embedded giving. it raises millions of dollars for charity. but overmarketting could be having a negative effect on the donations. experts say customers are getting tired of being asked to give. >> kind of makes me feel like i'm not doing enough on my part. >> feel sometimes badgered into giving, guilted into giving, manipulated into giving. >> experts say some shoppers don't donate because they don't trust that all the proceeds go to charity. but organizations involved like the ucsf breast cancer research program insists they do. >> so what do you think about embedded giving? that is our question of the day. does it bother you when asked for donations at the grocery store? >> jill writes doesn't bother me. what is a dollar when you can help save lives of humans? >> and terry writes in i have no problem saying no if i've already donated that week or we don't have the extra money. >> send your answers to
6:27 am let you know we're also on facebook and twitter. all right. it is 6:26. coming up a major makeover needed for a bay area dam. >> the possibility of a collapse and the city most at risk for flooding. it's been three months since a devastating fire here at trace elementary school. this morning news of possible arrests in the suspected arson case. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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inflation and new jobless claims are on the rise. and they're off. stock features easing off earlier highs on news that inflation and new jobless claims are on the rise. the market gained ground yesterday. the dow adding 76 points. that is radio shack ringing the opening bell on wall street this morning celebrating 75 years of being listed on the big board. good morning to you. it's thursday october 14th. i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm sydnie kohara. good morning. your time is 6:30. a lot of drivers can expect a traffic headache this morning. elizabeth, some road repairs effecting commuters heading to the peninsula. good morning. good morning. this is emergency repairs. they discovered a crack in one of the steel beams on westbound 92 the san mateo bridge. they discovered it yesterday. the traffic alert has been in effect ever since. some of the right lane, the slow lane, blocked on westbound 92. traffic so far so good. but it is just beginning now to back up. we were saying close closer to
6:31 am
about 7:00 when we were expecting delays and commuters might want to think about alternates. let's look at the bay bridge. they just turned the metering lights on. if you're considering the don barton or the bay bridge, don barton looks okay but the bay bridge they just turned the metering lights on a few minuting a closer to 6:25. it's already stacking up close to the 880 overcrossing. maybe people are saying avoid the san mateo altogether. eastbound 92 is getting by okay. we've also learned the problem on the san mateo bridge is actually under the bridge. we have linda there to explain more on what is going on with the emergency repair project. hey, linda. >> reporter: hi, there elizabeth. it was a 10-inch crack they found on a steel beam underneath the far right lane in the westbound direction of the bridge. because of that they've had to close down that lane since yesterday while they devised the steel plate they need to repair that crack. i am with spokesman right now.
6:32 am
how is the repair work going along? >> they're in the process of fabricating steel plaits attaching to the beam and should be ready for installation some time soon. >> reporter: they're hoping to get this bridge completely open by the afternoon commute. >> that's what we're shooting for. we want to have it open some time this afternoon. >> reporter: how dangerous was that crack though? >> well, there was no eminent danger of any sort of catastrophic failure, but there are no unimportant parts of the bridge. so any time you find a crack on the 30-foot long steel beam, you do have to take immediate action. >> reporter: will that beam have to eventually be replaced as a permanent fix for what they're doing now? >> the permanent fix we'll see later on what kind of long-term plans we have for it. >> reporter: right now traffic seems to be moving along although it's getting heavier. >> it's getting a bit heavier. we'll keep an eye on it throughout the day. stay tuned to traffic reports. make a decision based upon any kind of congestion. >> reporter: what do you recommend to the morning
6:33 am
commuters? maybe try to find alternatives? >> yeah. if you have to take this route allow yourself extra time. >> reporter: all right. thank you very much. you hear what he said, if you need more time, take it now or else find another way to get to work. >> start a bit earlier. thanks very much. 6:33. this morning police in san jose are looking for a man who try today kidnap a little girl. we have a sketch to show you the suspect. the man is in his late 20s or early 30s about 5'8" or 9. the woman told police she was with her 1-year-old daughter on tuesday. the man followed the woman briefly before trying to grab the little girl. the woman fought off the suspect who escaped in his car. 6:33. two suspected arsonists reportedly arrested three months after that destructive fire at trace elementary school. mark sayers in san jose where an announcement is expected later this morning. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
6:34 am
evidence of that fire here at trace elementary school still plainly obvious. you can see the pillars from the main pod building which was destroyed in this fire still standing. let's take you back to the scene here on july 5th. now later this morning the san jose fire department will be holding a news conference to release the findings of a three month investigation into this fire. and the san jose mercury news is reporting this morning that the police department has arrested two teenagers who they believe ignited the fire that gutted the school. now what we do not know is if these teenagers have any possible connection to the school. since the fire many trace students have been taking classes in portable units, they've also been at hoover middle school which is directly across the street. the fire here at trace elementary school causing $10 million in damage. completely destroying the main library, classrooms and also some offices. this news conference later this morning finally expected to give us some concrete details on the possible cause and possible suspects arrested in this case. live from san jose, mark sayers, cbs 5.
6:35 am
>> what a loss for those students and faculty. mark, thank you very much. it's 6:34 now. let's get a check on ourwet we are lawrence. it's fall. does it feel like fall? will it feel like fall? >> this is the type of weather we get during the fall. some of our most beautiful weather of the year. get the offshore wind pattern but that's starting to break down. still a slow cool down. temperatures usually in the 70s and 80s on this date. this afternoon going to be a lot hotter than that in most spots. up in the 90s in santa rosa. well above the average. nine degrees above average in concord. 13 above average in san jose. good nine degrees above average in san francisco. temperatures across the board going to stay on the warm to hot side inland and across the bay. out to the coastline notice cooler temperatures there. fog and low clouds creeping in along the coastline. that's a sign of things to come. a cool down is in the works. how much cooler will we get? talk about that in a few minutes. back to you. thank you. in san jose today california gasoline marketers will ask for
6:36 am
a temporary halt to an order to remove the latch that is allow drivers to pump gas hands free. in august the state fire marshal ordered the latches on those nozzles removed. that's after more than a dozen customers were sprayed with gasoline. replacing all the nozzles in the state would cost an estimated $10.5 million. in just a few hours a deeper investigation into the san bruno explosion will begin. the state will announce members of an independent review panel and they'll make recommendations on whether there's a need for pg&e to improve gas transmission lines for safety. this morning we now have a better idea in to what may have caused the explosion. a preliminary ntsb report cites a power malfunction at a terminal just minutes before the pipeline blew. an electronic signal went out causing the partially open valve on the 30-inch pipe to
6:37 am
fully open. the blast killed dozens of people and destroyed homes. at risk of collapsing in a major earthquake. at the kcbs silicon valley bureau explained how they plan to keep the dam safe. >> reporter: if there were a 7.25 earthquake or higher within two miles of the anderson reservoir, it could be catastrophic because the dam is about 50 years old and it could basically fail due to liquefaction in a major earthquake and cause a catastrophic flooding. the reservoir holds about 30 billion-gallons of water. according to this new study if the dam fails that water could flood out of the dam and it could be catastrophic. the good news is the santa clara valley water district has a short-term fix for all this. we talked to frank with the water district's dam safety program. he says they plan to immediately lower the water level in the dam to about 57
6:38 am
feet below the crest stage. >> we will keep the water level low enough elevation so that if indeed we did see some damage to the dam the water level would be below that and it would still stay in the reservoir behind the dam. >> reporter: that's the short- term fix. the long-term the dam is going to have to be fixed and it's not going to be cheap. estimates anywhere from $10 million to $11 million. to make sure it won't fail in an everett quake and could take about six years. one other note as a result of all the lower water level in the dam the water district has less capacity to store water in a wet season to prepare for the next drought involvement that is a negative impact on the region's water supply. live in san jose for cbs 5. >> all right. matt, thank you. 6:38 now. we want to tell you about breaking news where an apartment complex is on fire. chopper 5 is on the way right
6:39 am
now. the fire broke out just a few minuting a along the 1700 block of cool vires a boulevard. that is at north campbell. evacuations being ordered right now. so far no reports of any injuries. chopper 5 is on its way. we'll bring you live pictures in just a few minutes. in other news, autopsies expected to be completed today on twin 3-year-old girls whose bodies were found at a fairfield apartment fire. police believe that the girls' mother killed them tuesday night before setting fire to their home. investigators say the girls had wounds that were not related in any way to the fire. neighbors say they're stunned. >> it was really moving the whole perspective when they brought down the first little girl and we were standing no more than probably ten to fifteen feet away. >> police say the mother, 28- year-old, was also found in the apartment. she had wounds that appeared self-inflicted.
6:40 am
she had surgery. she's been unable to speak to investigators. police say the family had lived in fairfield for just a few months. city leaders in oakland taking steps to keep the city safe from gang violence. the city will seek a second injunction against dozens of known members of the gang to keep them from hanging out together carrying weapons and flashing gang signs in a geographically defined safe zone in the district. the only exceptions for being there will be for work, school and church. an injunction earlier this year targeted a gang in north oakland. 6:40 now. the future of yahoo could soon change. >> the challenges facing the company and who might want to buy it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:41 am
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i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. my car did. thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial. ♪ good morning. well, if you're just waking up with us you may want to avoid the san mateo bridge in the commute direction westbound 92. these cars right here heading from the east bay commuting towards the peninsula. yesterday inspectors were out on the bridge and discovered a crack on the flat section of the bridge right before the high-rise. they're out there right now. they're doing emergency repair work. but they do have the right lane, the slow lane, blocked. right now actually things are pretty good across this span.
6:44 am
i got to tell you still only about a 14 minute drive time from hayward to foster city. let's go to maps. this is where we are seeing the slowing. southbound 880 getting towards the bridge that is really starting to back up. and right before it came on air we heard about a crash right here in the intersection blocking one lane of traffic. so southbound 880 one lane blocked right before the highway 92 interchange. that remains really slow as well as looks like there are some cars heading down through union city and newark maybe using the don barton as an alternate. funny things look good on the span of 92. it's just 880 itself actually backing up getting to both of those bridges. if you're considering the bay bridge as an alternate, it looks okay but they turned this camera around because there's a stall reported on the upper deck on the incline section of the bridge. bridge crews are aware of it. they're out there trying to clear it now. unfortunately it's already back up to the macarthur maze. and the metering lights have been on for at least half an
6:45 am
hour. pretty slow and go from the maze all the way up the incline heading into san francisco. but good news, mass transit and bart all running on time. that is your traffic. get an update on your forecast. here's lawrence. all right. hot around the area. record breaking temperatures over the last few. starting to show signs of changes. sun coming up over the bay right now and mid to high level clouds moving across the skies. combination of the two going to see cooler temperature developing at least in parts of the bay area still staying hot in others. otherwise it looks like we're in for some changes. mostly clear the interior valleys. looks like patchy fog towards the coastline and more of that in toward the afternoon. that will keep temperatures down out toward the beaches. plan on 60s and 70s comfortable along the coastline. get inside the bay cooler than yesterday. plenty of sunshine and still warm to hot inland. 80s and low 90s toward the
6:46 am
afternoon. finally seeing more of a southerly surge moving up. mid to high level clouds weak disturbance just off the coastline. other than that looking pretty good. some fair conditions around the bay area for today. going to be still pretty warm as you head inland inside the bay heating up to 91 in lost gato. 60s and 70s towards the beaches. inland the temperatures on the hot side. 91 livermore, 90 brentwood. 90 concord. sea breeze developing going to keep the temperatures down just a bit in toward berkeley about 79 degrees. and about 83 degrees in oakland. temperatures up in the 80s and 90s many spots inland 60s and 70s coast side. i think to the next few days temperatures coming down all around the bay area. as a matter of fact this next weekend numbers going to be much cooler. highs only in the 70s by sunday with partly cloudy skies. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> looks great. thank you. 6:46. stock traders got reports on inflation and unemployment before the market opened this
6:47 am
morning. >> here now is jason brooks with kcbs and cbs money with the early watch on wall street. market open about 17 minutes now. >> good morning. there is an awful lot going on this morning. going to start out with the fact that yahoo is being mentioned in possible takeover rumors. the company that will be doing the buying according to the reports is america online, aol. they would have to partner with several other companies to do it because yahoo is worth ten times as much as aol. the market cap of $20 million compared to aol's $2.7 billion. talking to several private equity firms about working out a deal for that. two years ago yahoo rebuffed microsoft's advances. microsoft wanted to buy for $47 billion valuing out shares at $33. right now yahoo shares are $15. yahoo shareholders wouldn't have minded seeing that deal go through. there's a lot of complicated calculus involved in this deal. yahoo would have to sell its
6:48 am
stake in chinese internet company bringing their value down about $12 billion. there's a lot to be worked out before anything like this can happen. but shareholders are pretty excited about any speculation like that. right now yahoo shares are rising by about 6% on that news. we saw weekly jobless claims shoot higher last week by about 12,000 to 13,000. just shows that the job market not having any improvement whatsoever. also home sale inflation rose but slightly. mainly came from people spending more money on filling up their car as well as stomachs, food and gas costs were up. stock market right now is down a little bit. the dow lower by five points. nasdaq off by one. the s&p 500 is down by one. after the market closed today earnings from google. >> all right. jason brooks from kcbs. thank you so much. >> thanks, jason. round up your friends and family for ideas on activities.
6:49 am
it is a busy weekend around the bay. >> host of eye on the bay is here with all of the details. we have music festival and all this. first thing's first you're dried off. >> this guy gets the party started during the week. you don't wait for the weekend. >> i am dry this morning, ladies. we're talking about being dunked in a swimming pool. >> for a good cause. >> yes. the community it's a fundraiser for them. chef was the one who was. [ indiscernible ] he did go in the pool but that was after pushing yours truly in first. so, yes, i'm dry this morning. >> do we have evidence of this? >> oh, yes. i did everyone a favor by keeping my clothes on. >> you're looking pretty buff there. [ overlapping speakers ] >> the wet t-shirt contests. >> hello. there's chef right behind me. good news raised $15,000 and then $100,000. [ indiscernible ] to this weekend, ladies, i know you both love your electronic
6:50 am
music. you'll want to be at the treasure island music festival. it's this weekend. and the entire island is being transformed for this massive music party. it's a two day festival. djs from all over the globe i know you love your lcd sound system. >> i do. >> juliette you love your. [ indiscernible ] it will be there. at&t park to the island throughout the weekend. do yourself a favor and enjoy some great music for the two day festival. it is awesome. all right. next up do you love your pumpkins? >> yes. >> this is just a great event for the entire family. great food. it's all things pumpkin. they have pumpkin drinks. they have pumpkin cakes. restaurants get involved. everyone embraces this. >> you get to see the giant pumpkin? >> right there with the giant pumpkin. the biggest one we mentioned the weigh in on the forecast earlier. >> it was 1500 pounds. >> isn't that wild?
6:51 am
>> who knew? >> how do you know to do that? >> this is an art. >> they live for this. the big event of course main street 10:00 to 5:00 both days the festival but the parade is saturday at noon. you do not want to miss that. >> it's going to be great weather. >> finally a very quick thing tonight i'll be your emcee for annual fundraiser. this is a great organization. they provide teams of volunteers provide mentorship and care for bay area children and foster care. i was in foster care myself as a kid. big fund raise herb tonight from 7:00 to 11:00 at club utah. first lady will be there honorary chair. and the money going to sf casa. these kids, young kids and teens need a mentor. and then to see kids come to the other side is just fantastic. >> all right.
6:52 am
>> full list of course on and our new season of eye on the bay is underway as well. >> all right. like the pink shirt. >> with all the partying you do thanks for getting up early and visiting with us. or did you just come in? >> come on, ladies. i wore the pink for you because i knew i was going to be here. >> thank you. good to see you. time now for a look at what's coming up later on the "the early show." >> harry smith joins us now from new york. harry, good morning. >> busy around here this morning as we look back on the amazing events as they unfolded over the last 24 hours or so. miner after miner after miner came out from below the ground 2,000 feet. tears and tears and hugs and kisses. what happens next? we're going to speak exclusively with a relieved family member down there from chile. plus it happens every day on roads and highways across the country. car collisions with deer on the rise up 20% in the last five years. more than a million a year.
6:53 am
we'll have some advice for you if you come head to head with one. also coming up on the broadcast this morning if you have been freaked out by weird things going on with your body, we have expert advice on when to worry and when your symptoms are no big deal. let that sink in for a second. >> i thought that was called old age, harry? things just happen. [ laughter ] >> you may not be alone. >> all right. harry. >> have a good morning. >> thanks very much. harry and the cbs gang will join us at 7:00 this morning. 6:53. following a very busy commute for you this morning. >> reporter: engineers make an alarming discovery on the san mateo bridge. how that will effect your morning commute. hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote.
6:54 am
quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. just brewing up some dunkin' donuts coffee -- want some? [ whoosh! ] i'd love some. one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'. so who called prop 13 a "fraud" and a "rip off?" jerry brown. who raised the gas tax as governor, and pushed for higher sales taxes? jerry brown.
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who tried five times to raise property taxes in oakland? jerry brown. who supported higher statewide income taxes? jerry brown. and who says, if elected, he'll ask voters for even more new taxes? jerry brown. governor jerry brown, again? hide your wallet.
6:56 am
ught fire. these we have a developing story where an apartment complex has caught fire. these are life pictures from chopper 5. this fire apparently breaking out just minutes ago on the 1700 block of calaveras
6:57 am
boulevard near north temple drive. the fire department is telling us residents are being evacuated right now. more in our next update coming to you at 7:25. meantime it's 6:57. try not to use the san mateo bridge today. that's the advice cal trans has this morning. >> linda is at the san mateo bridge checking on emergency repair work. linda, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they check this bridge twice a year and engineers yesterday found a 10-inch crack in a steel beam underneath the roadway, the far right roadway and the westbound direction. now the 10-inch crack was found in that part of the area where the bridge is flat right before the incline. cal tran says they are working to get the steel plate repair done right now. but they will not install it until later this afternoon. so they hope that they can get all of the work done before that afternoon commute. but they do expect traffic will be heavy throughout the day.
6:58 am
so if you can find alternate routes to get where you need to go that would be the suggestion they have for now. we'll have to see what happens. we'll be monitoring the situation. >> all right. thanks very much, linda. so for the best ways to get around let's talk to elizabeth about some detour routes. >> right. we will talk about that. quick live look at the san mateo bridge to show you how traffic is moving right now. it's looking okay across the span on the right side of your screen westbound 92 that's where the emergency repairs are going on right now. still a 15 minute drive time from hayward toward foster city. we're seeing the slower traffic is actually getting to the bridge on southbound 880. there was an accident near the highway 92 interchange that was just cleared out. chp still on the shoulder but still slow. as far as alternates go it's going to start to get busy here in the next little bit. bay bridge, don barton or bart. at the bay bridge it's slow up the incline and already backed up to the macarthur maze.
6:59 am
that's your traffic for your forecast here's lawrence. elizabeth, things changing just a bit in the atmosphere. high pressure breaking down not before leaving us with another hot day inland. temperatures in the 80s and 90s there. lots of 70s and 80s toward the bay. toward the coast it will be cooler. temperatures mainly in the 60s, couple low 7 0z. over the next few days temperatures take a hit dropping off into sunday and monday. maybe warming a little come tuesday and wednesday. how about this this weekend you have the lpga challenge. get out there to black hawk country club about 74 if you want to get into the swing of things mostly sunny out there. >> have you been golfing? >> not lately. i haven't. [ laughter ] but i will be watching. >> maybe you need a few tips. >> not lately is a week right? [ laughter ] >> that would be yesterday. >> exactly. >> if you have a story idea or comment you would like to share with us you can e-mail that guy right there at >> thanks so much for watching. early edition is coming up next. we'll have your forecast for


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